Human resources

To support the development of its projects and business, to maintain product quality, to ensure the succession of its collaborators and renewal of their skills, SIPROF prepares its collaborators to the current and future challenges through skills development, versatility, dynamic projects in progress which mobilize their sense of responsibility, professionalism, involvement, team work and knowledge-sharing.

SIPROF human resources policy

Our human development policy and values enable us to detect potentials and therefore promote new career paths.

SIPROF is attentive to ensure its success of all its collaborators by developing the culture of excellence, promoting working conditions based on safety, respect for people, simple and direct interpersonal relationships as well as rejection of all forms of discrimination.

Opening to and communicating with our social partners are a top priority in our social dialogue process. Our core values are respect, honesty, openness and individual responsibility.


Since we are convinced that human capital is the backbone of our company, we regularly integrate dynamic women and men who are passionate about their trade for a better collective effectiveness.

Having the right people at the right place and at the right moment, anticipating developments to better manage and meet our human capital needs, these are the daily stakes in managing our human resources to meet the challenge of globalization.

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